Motto & Mission


The motto of the college is "GO FORTH TO SERVE" and the logo is highly symbolic of its motto. The motto depicts a series of lamps which dispel darkness and spread light. True, a lamp cannot light another lamp unless it is properly lit. On completion of their education, the students of this college try to enlighten the lives of other through their service and generosity.


The mission of St. Vincent Pallotti College is to provide a socially conducive environment for harmonious growth of an individual, living joyfully aware of his/her own specific individuality with an admiration for the differences in others. The students would be introduced to a multi cultural milieu and assisted to academic success, personal growth, responsibilities to the societal needs, patriotism and sense of global belonging. The students are introduced into the family of trust and love where individual grow with a lifelong appreciation of learning and an awareness of the awesomeness of God's providence.